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Legacy determines to develop into a leading domestic and regional private Economic Groups in the following fields:   

Trade – Service – Industry – Technology.



To build a Life of Beauty for the Vietnamese. 

Our mission is not only about delivering economic value to customers, but also about creating a multi-industry ecosystem, serving the purpose of building a Life of Beauty for the Vietnamese.

Core values

Sincerity – Humanity – Credibility – Goodness

“Sincerity”: Demonstrate genuine sincerity to every customer, towards the principle of mutual benefits and honesty-based business.

“Humanity”: Assemble a team of employees who at their work, perform excellently and in their everyday life, treat people with kindness.

“Credibility”: A well-deserved reputation is an essential prerequisite for the survival and development of Legacy to this day as well as for the upcoming journey awaiting Legacy.

“Goodness”: Legacy always assign a high priority to the helping, sharing and contributing to human society construction during its development. 

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